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Monday, June 15, 2020

Make Music Day - pBuzz Online Events for You & Your Family

I Feel Good with pBuzz 

Online Events for You & Your Family


Make Music Day is on June 21

Make music with your children through a
special and easy online event!

I Feel Good with pBuzz

Join our pBuzz teachers in one of three regional online events

Introduce your child to music – online!

Easy to learn and fun to play, pBuzz is a real musical instrument that young children and adults can play together! 

Join our friendly pBuzz teachers in these regional online events:

  • 12 Noon Eastern Time              Provided by BuskerFest Miami
  • 1 PM Central Time                    Provided by BuskerFest Miami
  • 12 Noon Pacific Time                Provided by the Anaheim Elementary SD

Here’s how:

  1. Get a pBuzz!  One for each child and one for yourself!  Order yours today from any one of our retail dealers.
  2. Register for one of the three online programs where a friendly and encouraging teacher will show you what to do. Seats are limited so order your pBuzz and register early.  (
  3. On June 21st, gather your children and your pBuzz instruments, and sign in with the link provided. Follow along and, by the end of the program you will play along with everyone to James Brown’s I Feel Good. You and your children will have a great time and make memories playing music together!

All registrants will also receive information about other songs and resources for pBuzz.

pBuzz is affordable, colorful and fun! It provides opportunities to participate in music creation, while learning important social and educational benefits, including:

  • Helps develop language and reasoning skills
  • Focuses on continuous improvement
  • Provides activity for physical coordination
  • Inspires a sense of achievement
  • Provides for active learning engagement
  • Teaches societal cooperation and respect
  • Inspires emotional development.
  • Prepares children for future music participation including band, orchestra, choir and modern band curriculum.

Learn more about pBuzz and all the pInstruments at

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